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French fries
Ingredients: French fries, salt Weight: 100 gr. Deep-fried French fries will not leave indifferent either children or adults!..
100 ₽
165 ₽
Grilled shrimps
Ingredients: Tiger shrimps, marinade Weight: 250 gr. A premium dish - shrimps, marinated according to the author's recipe, fried on the grill. For those who love shrimp!..
600 ₽
Onion rings
Ingredients: Bulb onions, flour, bread crumbs Weight: 150 gr. Deep-fried onion rings breaded with aromatic spices and croutons will be an excellent snack in any drink...
200 ₽
Rustic potatoes
Ingredients: Potato wedges, salt Weight: 170 gr. Deep-fried potato wedges breaded with aromatic spices will be an excellent snack in any drink...
175 ₽
Ingredients: Mashed potatoes, vegetable oil, bread crumbs. Weight: 150 gr. Deep-fried potato smiles will not leave indifferent either an adult or a child...
200 ₽
Garlic croutons
Ingredients: Borodinsky bread, garlic, herbs, branded garlic sauce.Weight: 100 gr.Delicate, fragrant and simply very tasty toasts from Borodino bread, generously seasoned with fresh herbs and garlic, will be an excellent snack with both foamy drinks ..
125 ₽
Chicken wings
Ingredients: Chicken wing, Chili sauce. Weight: 250 gr. Ah, those tender chicken wings, deep fried and marinated in a sweet hot chili sauce .....
250 ₽
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